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IT support & consulting

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One of the main problems of Ukrainian companies today is improvement of business efficiency by means of modern management practices based on information technologies. As international experience shows, intelligent IT involvement forwards to increase of business manageability, capacity improvement, cost decrease and enhance company value.

Nowadays IT-budgets of Ukrainian companies amounts to millions USD, even for smaller companies. Company management shall understand what are mentioned expenditures for and what is the proper funds disbursement in such cases. Respectively, the planning of information technologies is very important for successful business activity.

There are following directions in ІТ - consulting:

· establishment of corporate ІТ - strategy;

· evaluation of ІТ - investments effectiveness;

· improvement of ІТ - department and ІТ – infrastructure management;

· development of establishment and implementation concept corporate information systems management;

ІТ - strategy

IT - strategy is the basis for realization of IT management of a company.   IT - strategy shall be based on vision, mission, goal and strategy of a company. At the same time IT supposed to be secondary and supportive to the core business.

IT - specialists solve following main issues within this project:

1. Evaluation of existing ІТ – department in terms of compliance with the main goal of the company.

2. Audit of information system.

3. Audit of information and computer resources of a company.

4. Definition of alternative strategies in development of improvements, technologies, organization processes.

5. Drafting of strategic plan for ІТ – department for 3 – 5years period.

Evaluation of effectiveness of ІТ – investment projects

Implementation of information technologies as the instrument for business issues solutions always has advantages and risks. As growth of ІТ – projects size the return of investments in IT - infrastructure becomes more and more important condition for proper business management.

Information resources management helps to solve following issues:

1. Creation of investment IT-project concept in company.

2. Evaluation of completeness and reliability of project bench-mark data.

3. Risk analysis of the project.

4. Expert report preparation:

· description of objectives and interests of projects team;

· evaluation of project realization;

· evaluation of financial capability of the project, including general estimation of fund need of the project;

· list of project materials and work-out hereof;

· evaluation of economic effectiveness of the projects in view of owner and operator of the project.

5. Submission of the project to potential investors:

· creation of memorandum and representative materials for potential investors, based on the result of project evaluation;

· definition of selection criteria of potential investors (partners);

· campaign for project promotion: sending out of offers to potential investors, organization of meetings and presentations.

6. Recommendations concerning change of investment project concept.

Improvement of IT-structure and IT-infrastructure system management.

Establishment of business management system by means of information technologies is impossible without establishment of corporate standards of IT-resources management.

Information technologies specialists have good experience in solving issues with improvement of management system of IT-personnel and IT-infrastructure of their clients. Project scope of works includes following:

1. Audit of functional and organizational structure of IT-department of the company.

2. Creation of the most effective model of company information resources management.

3. Drafting of proposal concerning functional and organizational structure of the company with definition of areas of responsibility in IT-direction.

4. Regulation of company information resources management and establishment of corporate standards of IT-resources management.

5. Drafting of technical task and implementation of automatized system of IT-infrastructure management.

ІТ – concept creation and implementation of corporate information system management.

Effectiveness of is defined not only by its’ functional options but also by the implementation qualities. The key to successful establishment of corporate information system management is correct expert review of current level of business process automation, as well as definition of key factors having influence on IT-infrastructure on the side of IT-department.

IT-specialists are involved in following jobs within this project:

1. Inspection of structural departments of the company, including:

· audit of information projects;

· audit of current situation with hardware resources of the company;

· evaluation of IT-service capabilities concerning ІТ – infrastructure management.

2. Work-out of direction for further development of corporate information system management.

3. Implementation of detailed requirements into technical task on implementation of corporate information system management of the company.

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