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Callcenter software enables incoming and outcoming calls (support of information line of client, receiving claims, reclamation, orders, etc.).

o Registration of claims of customers as of different issues (incoming traffic):

§ Registration of customers’ complaints with further delivering hereof to proper departments to handle

§ Consultation services to customers due to approved scenario.

o Registration of orders of customers by means of telephone, Internet, e-mail, regular correspondence, including application handling, which is important for retail companies (including internet-shops), courier companies, travel agents selling train and air tickets, etc.:

§ Creation of customer orders portfolio

§ Data transfer (automatic upload of data, synchronization with operation system of Client or remote access)

§ Control of orders fulfillment (through the remote access to Client’s resources)

o Outcoming traffic (informational calls to customers in order to remind on next payment (credit, insurance), promotions, new products and services, advertising campaigns; «cold calls» to customers in order to repay credit debts, account receivables (to legal entities); marketing polls and surveys; telemarketing, etc.:

§ Creation of contacts register;

§ Filling of customer information and other necessary data;

§ Customers’ communication records (necessary for handling of data bases of banks and insurance companies, etc.)

Optional services of Callcenter software:

SMS – sending out

§ automatic sms-informing on regular basic as it is programmed

· The list of new SMS-informing is created automatically every night due to target group criteria: reminder of next and overdue payments – to borrowers, announcement of new products, services and promotions to potential clients.

Telephone communication with customers

o The work plan for call-center operator is created automatically every night for next shift. This option is used for handling of overdue debts, for surveys and for customers’ information. Should the system detect inoperative numbers or failed communication for a long time, the responsible employee will be entitled to process actualization of date base.

o Registration of customer communication results and task establishment including reference date for next communication with customer or reminding of debt payment.

This software is used for marketing purposes ensuring the ways of customer informing of new products and services

o Quality control module helps to assure the quality of customer service basing on the performance indicators, generated by the system, for instance: average hold-line time, call duration, duration of conversation with customer, number of calls handled by the following criteria – time, operators, customers, regions, etc. The system can analyze the quality indicators such as the quality of information provided to customer, number of repeated calls from the same customer, number of complaints for call-center operators, etc. A company can create the internal motivation system basing on these indications (the coefficient is calculated automatically) as it is absolutely transparent and open, with no subjective factor.

Technical characterisics:

Callcenter software is integrated with telephone station by VoIP protocol that enables to control system performance quality, to record conversations with customers and to listen hereof should it be necessary, to control operators’ tasks volumes, to register automatically the events, related to calls, etc.

The software operates on 1С platform with open code. The uses number is unlimited

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