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1С:Mobile 8

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«1С: Mobile 8» software is assigned for companies with large headcount (in particular administrative, drivers, sales and distribution managers, couriers, etc.). Such companies usually spend much money for mobile communications within the corporation.


«1С: Mobile 8» provides following:

Registration of company SIM-card (corporate cell numbers),

Recording and detailed analysis of mobile traffic,

Control of mobile costs,

Preparation of register of advance payments basing on limits and costs

Short description of subsystems and options of «1С:Mobile 8» software:

«1С:Mobile 8» includes following subsystems:

· Connection

· Personnel

· Administration

«Connection» subsystem include following modules:

· «Internal operations» module enables SIM-cards registration in the system, fixation hereof with the respective employees, limits setup;

· «Finance» module enables to transfer money from one subscriber to the other, to prepare purchase orders for mobile payments, to monitor bonuses from mobile providers;

«Additions» module includes the subsystems as follows: costs fixation, represented by costs fixation documents, and cost monitoring system, represented by reports.

«Personnel» subsystem contains personnel recordings or all company employees, registered in the system.

«Administration» subsystem includes following:

· Administrative part, providing system setup, access rights establishment and control;

· Point of data exchange with external sources of information:

Upload of information from 1С Accounting program;

Upload of *.txt, *.csv, *.xml files.

«1С: Mobile 8» system can be fully integrated with accounting programs (upgrade, processing of incoming and outcoming data due to clients requirements). Our specialists carry out all the works of program installation and integration processes and provide full support and consulting during the program exploitation.

This software helps companies to save 20-30% of mobile costs starting from the first month of software implementation, which pays the investment off quickly.

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