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Logistics for trade and retail companies

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Software «Logistic for trade & retail companies» is the best decision for production, retail and transport companies, internet-shops and similar, which has logistic and/or distribution departments.

The software provides following options:

- Control of vehicles and their routes as established,

- Control over transfer of goods, cargoes, other units within the warehouses, retail units, destination points,

- Control over remains on the warehouses,

- Consolidation of parcels (a few parcels to the same address),

- Splitting of parcels (to a few addresses),

- Control over the delivery time and quality,

- Automatic preparation of delivery and route registers,

- Automatic verification of delivery address with addresses data base,

- Possibility to take clients’ orders by phone, web-site and to prepare orders list,

- Quotation of parcels delivery due to approved price-lists (general and individual),

- Funds accounting of COD parcels,

- Records of consumables (including packaging materials, etc.),

- Offers of loyalty programs to clients,

- Setup of remote working place on the client’s territory in order to generate and print-put cargo way-bills,

- Control over cargos movements on the web-site (Track & Trace system),

- Sms to clients on (addressee/sender) on delivery statuses,

- Calculation of salaries and bonuses of sales-managers, drivers, couriers, etc.,

- Generation of analytical reports by different criteria: by clients, regions, branches, managers, couriers, delivery types, etc.

- Transfer of information from operation programs to 1С accounting program,

- Client-bank information exchange,

- Generation, print-out, e-mail send-out of client’s documents (invoice, acceptance act, waybill),


The program enables to automate many warehouse operations and processes, ensures transparent control over transfer of goods, cargoes, parcels in real time, provides the best interaction with the client all the time. It helps to reduce transport and labor costs, to improve performance of transport department, to adjust time and quality of delivery, which leads to your customers’ satisfaction and money turnover increase when the costs decrease. It guarantees higher revenue.

Program advantages:  modularity, consistency, integrity, functionality, flexibility

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