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TaskManager is the software for organization and control of business processes and well as for Track&Trace operations in real time, based on Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

TaskManager allows monitoring of each event within the network (transfer of goods, tasks fulfillment, etc.) using satellite and city digital map. This system provides the possibility to control each stage of network performance with the exact records of time and event on the city map on-line. At the same time the system controls all the working process, adjusts it to the planned route and fixes all the actions of involved personnel. Therefore our client may observe the network performance through web-site or other internet resource and control planned and actual costs in real time. The system also operates off-line (in case of internet connection failed). All the data is uploaded to server automatically on the regular basis. The data may include the text information and images depending on the actual needs. TaskManager software is applicable for sales monitoring too as it adjust the performance of sales managers by means of making visits plan,  updating fulfillment statuses, confirmation of the visit to potential client (geolocation on the map) and proved delivery of products samples, agreements, invoices, etc. directly to the addressee. Afterwards there is an option to prepare reports by following criteria:  managers, regions/districts, clients, statuses.

TaskManager software can be easily integrated with the existed software of the company, can transfer the data to1С accounting program, generate reports and process calculations in the most convenient format for a client.

Thanks to new technologies of automatic control you gain wide opportunities to ensure high quality of tasks fulfillment, goods delivery, advertising stuff distribution, etc. The same processes are performed 50-60% less effective with more costs involved without such control.

TaskManager is the unique software. There are no similar products on the market.

It operates on ANDROID 2.2 and upper

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