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BackOffice for Bank

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BackOffice for Bank


BackOffice – i/24 Shell

·         Module Check Centre – monitoring of the mortgage and security office.

o   Formation of the tasks for monitoring.

o   Registration of the report and photo or video data bases on the securities.

o   Formation of the report about the security.

·         Module Credit Portfolio Monitoring – Service of the Credit portfolio.

o   Acceptance of the deal for monitoring.

o   Formation of the certain tasks on monitoring the credit.

  • Reminder about the necessity of payments - sms
  • Reminder about the overdue payments – sms
  • Reminder about the overdue payments – Voice call.
  • Reminder about the overdue payments – letters (Print Centre).
  • Task for the out of plan monitoring of the mortgage.
  • Planned evaluation of the financial conditions of the client according to the bank methodic.
  • Check of the validity of the insurance police.
  • Transfer of the deal to the Bank Security Group.
  • Transfer of the deal to the court (preparation documents).
  • Completing the work with a client.

·         Module Call Centre – contacts between the bank and the clients.

o   Registration of the appeals of the clients on different questions.

o   Giving the necessary information to the clients.

o   Calls to the clients and registration of the events.

·         Module Print Centre – print of the necessary documents for sending to the clients and work with the returned by the post letters.

o   Print of the letters according to the tasks.

o   Registration of the letters returned by the post to the bank.

Additional Modules


·         Module Teaching Centre – training and testing is fulfilling the functions of tutor and examination the knowledge and skills of the employees (tests).

o   Formation of different tests.

o   Giving the rights to the employee for passing through the tests during the limited time period and several times they can pass the test.

o   Formation of the reports about the results of the tests.


·         Module Marketing Centre – investigation of the market and promotion of new products.

o   Questionnaire for the clients.

o   Forming of the tasks for the Print Centre (Promotion of new bank products (using SMS-service, Voice calls and correspondence with the clients - invitations, congratulations etc.)


Agents of the system :  i/24 Agents – Inside system robots programs

  • SMS – Sms-messages for the clients.
  • eMail – Electronic letters for the clients.
  • Job – Formation of different tasks by the modules for the employees of the bank (step by step).

Time needed for implementation of the program in basic configuration - 3 months.

All modules are developing and implementing step by step and can be used separately from each other as soon they are implemented.  

The program will fit to the special needs and demands of the customer that’s why it gives lots of opportunities for the next use.


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