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Development of ІТ-solutions for business

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  Aitico has the experience of IT-project implementation in bank and financial sectors as well as for retail, transport, communications, courier delivery, advertising companies, etc. Our company works in accordance to the international standards of project management, implemented by Project Management Institute (USA). This approach helps to make projects that meet the requirement of a client, reach the goals, fulfill the tasks, follow the timeframes, and ensure by-stage implementation and full integration with the operational software and existing capabilities, which improves not only the IT-system of a client, but also provides additional market advantages and  raises competitiveness.

Our clients are bank and financial institutions, logistic companies and courier firms, manufacturing enterprises, retail networks and services sector; survey and election campaign organizations that carry out sales of any goods and services outside the shopping area or bank office (for instance:  delivery of documents, bills, cards, etc.), or distribute advertising materials of other. Our company creates other special programs and products, including web-programming, especially popular webpages for internet-shops, electronic libraries for publishing companies, etc. Aitico cooperates with companies at Ukrainian and European markets.

Software for banks:

1) bank operational system is the full range of bank operations, the interface built by “product” principle, full automatic performance of all accounting transactions in order to minimize operational risk and generation of required reports for users and management needs.

2) program for financial and economic analysis of banks provides the possibility to analyze current quantitative and qualitative indexes of the bank and to make prognosis as well as to compare these indexes with the ones in bank system or separate banks. It enables to choose the cross-section of analytical data, to build up the own formulae and configurations. This program is very helpful for investors, top-management of banks, financial analysts and department dealing with banks

3) program for tracking of credit indebtedness provides the possibility to control the situation with credit indebtedness, to manage the repayment by means of different technological solutions. This program enables to automate technological process of tracking and repayment of credit indebtedness, to reduce material and time spending for process organization. It is really helpful for tracking of credit portfolio for individual customers.

4) automated call-center provides effective customer care services by phone and on-chat, enables on-line tasks setup and fulfillment, carry out marketing and advertising functions.

5) MobiCourier enables the control over sales managers by means of tasks setup and fulfillment, on-line tracking of their relocation, etc. This program is useful for banks with wide-developed brunch network.

6) the program designed for the control over transport movement and fuel consumption.

7) program for technical means and devices recording.

Software for transportation and logistics companies:

1) Program Logistics ensures records, control and reporting over all the operation with transfer of cargoes, mail items or goods to routes. Full integration with accounting programs enables to develop complex solution for a client as well as maximum transparency of all the operations.

2) Program GPS-navigation enables to control the performance of car-fleet (automobiles) on the routes, including deviations, run-of-the-times, fuel consumptions, at the same time the integration with accounting programs ensures to keep proper records of expenditure and to control the performance of standard values, if necessary. It may be fully integrated with Logistics to manage transportation performance on-line and to develop the dispatch services performance.

3) Program MobiCourier can be used as the separate software or as the application to GPS-navigation. It enables not only to control the transfer on-line, but also compose the routes, plan tasks for these routes, for instance: delivery of goods, to track statuses of the tasks fulfillment, («delivered», «to warehouse», «to door», «wrong address», etc.) and to evaluate their effectiveness by generating automatic reports based on the incoming information in view of regions, performers, cargoes, statuses, etc. The program has the modification for retail and companies to control the effectiveness of their distributors. It is fully integrated with Logistics software as a separate module.

The kit of programs is also applicable for operations of public utilities companies, courier companies, advertising agencies, retail and manufacturing companies that carry out distribution activities.

WEB products:

1) Websites (design, patterns, structure): development and modification to meet client’s needs. We provide implementation of Track&Trace option to monitor the transfer of cargoes and automobiles; creation of the client’s cabinet on the website internet-shops, generation of individual reports from the web-page for clients, creation and printing of electronic documents.

2) «Electronic book» is created for foreign publishing house with aim to popularize literature in internet. The main advantage is the access to the chosen writings through own cabinet on the user’s PC.

Development of individual ІТ-solutions:

1) programming languages (Delphi, Clipper, Java, Java Android, Java ME, Pascal, C++, 1C 8, PL/SQL (Oracle),T-SQL(MS SQL),PLg/SQL(PostgreSQL),P-SQL(FireBird);

2) design and development of websites (web programming - hph).

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