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Project management

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If the strategy is ready, we shall start project planning. It is necessary to split the way in a few parts, keeping in mind that projects are different.

Project may (not obligatory) include programs that each program (itsparts) may be shared by few projects.

The program may include products. Productsdevelopment is quite interesting and creative process. It previews development of the right product, interesting for the customer, being in demand and being competitive. The most important in this process is not to be mistaken.

The final process business planning: it is defined what, where and how shall being sold, the market demand is analyzed, and all the ideas and suggestions may be transferred into real calculations. The variability of business plan depends on jobs carried out on earlier stages. Should any stage be missing, the plan may not be realized. Even if everything is done correctly, it is important it shall be realized by the right personnel in the correct way. 

Management block previews practical realization of all the stuff described in previous chapter. It is important to involve practical experts in the concrete sphere as this stage requires not only project management skills (knowledge of principles, methodology, etc.), but also practical skills of product realization with the project scope. The personnel shall be responsible, accurate, with managerial skills. The success of the project mainly depends on strict organization, work discipline and timelines following step by step. Why do we say such person to be a leader? Because the discipline, the atmosphere, idea-orientation each role importance in a big deal are irreplaceable. If there is a right parson ready to fulfill the duties, the project may start.

This stage is very important as the processes take place in real time, which requires being smart and intelligent. It is necessary to take quick decisions in accordance to the actual situation and to adjust project realization in addition to deep understanding of the project and details of its' realization plan. If project manager does not notice projects risks in time and correct it at the beginning, the project deadlines may be shifted, which means additional cost and time waste (lost profit). That is why «Start-up» discussion needs more attention.

If the project start was successful, it should be necessary to check points and carry out business analysis. Business analysis shall be carried out on the regular basin generally, but it is necessary on the stage of strategic planning and after project start. Unfortunately, companies take business analysis as the statistical data (performance results). At the same time it is the source for forecast and future development by the own rules. How to notice important details in all the statistical information and to understand what is lack? Modern companies and their managers need to learn how to use analytical and statistical information and what tasks shall be fulfill by their analytics departments, commerce and distribution units, etc.

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