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Consulting on business process

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Organization of business process in the company is very important for achievement of efficient work of separate employees, departments and the company. It is necessary to define goals and objectives of the company and to give the tasks out to departments and employees. It helps to evaluate the labor input of the separate operations, operations kit, processes with the aim of headcount and deadlines estimation. Business processes organization suggested to be the important issue at the business start stage, at the same time it may not be neglected by experienced companies as the priorities, technologies and personnel has been changing constantly.

Stages of business processes organization:

- Evaluation of tasks and performance of departments and employees. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out interview and expert analysis with decompiling into the simple parts and with labor inputs needs.

- Evaluation of company interlinks and description of the processes «as it is». It allows to understand the business processes organization, to define the bottlenecks and needless links that leads to performance delays and results in additional expenses due to departments double-functions, double-control or so called «pseudo-control» for instance.

- Evaluation of technical and technological capacities of the enterprise, based on the analysis of market and competitors.

- Evaluation of company management professional skills to ensure the strategy of intensive development.

- Evaluation of personnel readiness to structural and organizational  changes, modernization and automation.

- Defining of critical points that influence to business processes.

- Creation of methods for optimization, unification, standardization and automation of business process. Effects evaluation and results forecasts (material, non-material, social, etc.).

- Creation of the proper logical chain of operation and description hereof in normative documents (instructions, procedures, etc.).

- Introduction of necessary changes (structural, organizational, etc.).

- Personnel training (workshops, trainings, business games),especially for top and lineal management.

- Implementation of new business model and «objection handling».

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